Spectrum Analyzer Software Basics

spectrum analyser software

There exist different kinds of useful testing equipment which helps us to detect and recognize the problem and then fix it if possible. One of these is a versatile device called spectrum analyzer. Having various forms and types, this device can be used for many purposes. Initially it has been used in radio engineering and is actually based on the superhet radio principle. Contemporary spectrum analyzers are used for estimating any kind of waveforms: audio, sub audio, sound, microwaves etc. If these devices were available in the form of special machines only few decades ago, nowadays these can also be found in the form of spectrum analyzer software.

If you would like to refresh your general knowledge about spectrum analyzers and get to know some information about analyzer software, this article will turn handy for you. Below we are going to talk a bit about the major types of analyzers and dwell upon software analyzer kinds.

Digital and Analog Spectrum Analyzers

To understand what spectrum analyzer software is we need to start with definition of the two major types of analyzers. These are digital and analog devices. Each of them has its benefits and disadvantages, and the choice mainly depends on the particular purpose you need the analyzer for. Analog analyzers, for example, can work with higher frequencies than the digital ones. Although, many users tend to prefer digital equipment as it has better frequency resolution. There is also a hybrid form, which combines the advantages of both: it is based in the principle of the superheterodyne receiver (like an analog) and then converts high frequency into low frequency that the digital analyzer can work with. Then the digital elements display the results using a special math formula (FFT: Fast Fourier Transformation).

You may not even notice this, but you make use of software analyzers very often on your PC. Tape recorders, loudspeakers, microwaves alike often use spectrum analyzers to measure frequency and control performance.

Spectrum Analyzer Software on Your PC

Thus, spectrum analyzers can exist in the form of separate portable or fixed machines or can be integrated into software applications. The software analyzer displays data in the recognizable and easily comprehensible form of graphs (like digitized audio in WAV format, for example). It shows the frequencies and rates of the chosen waves.

Of course, there exist ready analyzers which are available and can be easily downloaded online. These work with files you already have on your PC or those you can input easily (the sound of your voice via a microphone, for instance). Global companies dealing with spectrum analyzer software development are tied to the operational systems used worldwide and it may be rather complicated task to install a particular analyzer onto your PC if you who need to create your own specific spectrum analyzer. Individuals working on sophisticated projects assemble their hardware piece by piece and then connect it to the installed software.

Analyzing software simplifies the task and makes the data easy readable and comprehensible even for novices. These are used for many purposes, starting from audio record and finishing with scientific works.

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